The Jesus Effect

Jesus planted the seed of an idea in humanity. Wether you consciously believe in him or not is irrelevant.

He said “I am the light, I am one with the father”. He did loads of good things when he was alive but much of it we fail to understand because it’s all written by people who either love him or hate him.

Either way, these days he does exist in spirit, and every time someone utters his name in desperation he takes credit for what has happen to make the situation “better”.

It’s a shocking truth.

Am I afraid to tell it? No.

Am I afraid to admit to my close friends and family that I am deeply psychic, yes.

But I don’t need his guidance anymore. He uses himself and his righteousness against me. The source of my mental illness, and many other acute mental illnesses is largely based on a delusion of grandeur that concludes, often silently, that one is God. But to truly get to that feeling is crazy people ask for help. Then we sometimes get it, divine intervention, but the feeling never lasts. Because “he has done his work here, and he will be moving on”. But the primary contradiction I have concerns with is the new ideology that Jesus is in and of himself, God, the Holy Spirit (and trinity) AND the superstar icon of goodwill in peoples life; Jesus.

The thing people don’t understand that g they really did, they’d stop saying his name casually, is that he really does still exist. But here I must say the sad truth again, he wants all the credit or ‘glory’ of being the one that turned your life around. Which keeps you stuck?! It’s very clear to me, the sad thing is I fall trap to saying Jesus too. Or God. God isn’t so bad, since in everyone’s mind there exists a concept of God totally independently from the previously indoctrinated ideas of religious figure heads.

I’m not here to bash religion, but actually, yes. Yes I am. I will say it openly and encourage others to say it gently too, there really is no need for violence, and there really is no need for anything negative. But don’t thank him for that. Have some confidence and gentle pride in yourself. If it’s emotional, cry like a baby and be totally reborn as yourself!!!!!!

I’m done for tonight, but if you have any questions please ask away.

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