I’m Psychic *boring*

I’m Psychic

It’s like a blade in the mind I’ve come to find that the more I hideaway and be myself, life makes sense. Chi shifts happen n that where I’m like in a proper top mood, then people literally suck it out of me in various ways. It sounds dramatic and it is, but I thinkkkkk mayyyyyybe other people experience what I mean. It’s like when someone’s a buzzkill, really, that’s all. It’s just quite an odd scenario to be in where I’m in fact perfectly fine, then other people’s perceptions are peroxide’s by my mind in a deep way and it changes my perspective. In a way I become the person, the people I am with, that’s why I love being on my own! Or rather I become who THEY want me to be. But obviously that’s a sad story… I honestly just want a girl who is a psychic as I am. I see my souls from other life times and they all coalesce right here. It is the understanding of my spirit that sets me free. To know who I am, to be shown in various ways by the totality of existence through meditation n that. But then you get bare Ed’s thinking they were Jesus!?!?!?! Literally peck ed. Then you get loads of people thinking and believing they are this person or that person. They say a face that looks like someone then they try and be them. Which is what I do. I do the same thing. I embody the facial emotion of other people to respond to life’s changes. But I just wanted to be openly psychic. It’s literally cool af.

Although recently I have felt a strong sense of my actual self. It was blooming brilliant. The way I was talking to my mate Tim, not being swayed or tempted. Being in control of my situation, holding the intention to teach and hold space for people. I dunno 🙄

It’s honestly awesome. I’m just taking my time.

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