The Conscious Sun

To think of swirling gaseous clouds that somehow form into a raging ball of fire and brilliant light is quite a thought.

To think of this, our Sun, as being a conscious entity is quite another thought.

During this writing I wish to invite you to the new thought that our Sun is alive.

When humans declare that we are the only conscious sentient beings in the universe, I believe this to be nothing more than either lack of understanding or belief. Or in the worst case, it is a serious delusion that causes those that suffer with it to behave in destructive ways in their life. People like this have no regard for animals, nature, even other humans.

Think of the active ingredients for life on Earth. Not carbon etc. The Sun, and the Earth itself. These two bodies are responsible in a very direct way from all the forms of life we know of on Earth.

Think of the Sun like an infinite battery.

Think of the Earth like a womb, or a playground.

Together they have created what we know as life, organic life.

As humans we have detoured slightly from nature.

I believe the future for each human lies in the awareness and appreciation of nature.

The world of technological advancement we have created for ourselves isn’t sustainable on its own, or rather, it relies on the existence and functioning of organic beings to perpetuate itself.

Weather is you.

Are there any ways in which we can be liberated from the trappings and bonds caused by a technicolour and technological age?

The first step for anyone wishing to connect to their past, their own being; spirit/soul etc.. is to let go of the present.

Many spiritual gurus teach the importance of the present, and how it is the only way to live if we are to abandon depression and anxiety or other ailments. But what they don’t seem to want to acknowledge is the pain itself. In my view meditation is good, it does indeed become a way of life, and it most definitely a useful practise for anyone really.

However, the art of meditation is often drought with difficulty.

I believe this difficulty is due to a subtle desire for escapism. The bells and whistles of meditation teach us to be present and aware of our pain and suffering, yet in the same breath, let it go.

Now this is fine. If our pain and suffering is causing us to feel at a loss, then letting go is the path.

But the art of holding on is perhaps a new, slightly unorthodox path to wisdom.

Now. The Sun. Do you think the Sun has no idea what is going on down here of Earth? Or do you think the Sun is an intimate part of our lives?

In my view the Sun has no choice but to hold on.

The Sun is omni. It sees in all directions and radiates is energy in all directions.

The Job of the Sun is the see all and be all, for that we may come to know ourselves fully, if we choose.

The Sun is simultaneous brilliant light and wretched pain.

Because it sees all, it knows the ugly, the fear, the unwanted, yet it shines constantly on all.

The Sun holds the highest vision possible for each organic being.

As well as providing practical things in cooperation with the Earth, such as food etc. It also shows us it’s most basic essence, light and brilliance.

Each glimpse of the Sun is a reminder of where we came from.

Our journey is long, but if we hold onto ourselves, mother different versions of ourselves that we have forgotten about over the years, we can remember ourselves in each moment.

I respect the desire to let go.

I contend that we re-member instead.

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