Neg-Entropic Forces

It’s been a while since I have posted here.

My life is full of twists and turns, but it always seems to lead me back to myself.

Today I want to discuss neg-entropic forces. Is the universe infinite? Is it ever expanding? Are these two concepts the same? What is the force that causes it’s expansion?

My understanding of forces that aid the consciousness of the universe to expand are of the mind and of the heart. We often hear of the ego being a destructive force, yet I believe with a certain tweak in understanding it can be a beautifully uniting force/experience.

To begin, one must have an understanding of ‘inlakesh’ or ‘namaste’

These words get thrown around lightly, without much thought into the potential of what it could really mean, by most.

To see oneself in another is not limited to human interaction, for example, the fluidity and sharp dynamic focus of mind is embodied physically by birds.

Go out into nature, and intend to be one with the birds. Their sounds first, what do they say to you? Their majestic flight ability, do they soar? Do they zoom right by you? Do they aid your focus?

Many people are lost in their minds, which is of course the sad truth. We are often alone with our repetitive thoughts and creations in life. What can we do to embrace the new?

The art of sadness. This art is already a motion within many humans, buried deep down into them is ancient pain and loneliness. On the surface we present brightly as colours with make-up, clothes with effortless hues. Many intuitively feel the colours and their impacts, but few understand the simplicity of life. Could we try to gently teach about colour today?

Why yes, what an idea!

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