Introduction: Letting Go

I finally realise the significance of letting go. There is so much of life that we can’t control, yet we try to do so in our minds and in our actions. The question is, should we care about what we can’t control? Or should we let go of it completely?

All we have are our words and our actions, we add to this life as much as we take from it.

As much as the wind blows, we breathe it in, and out.

I find comfort in my spirituality as it gives me the means to see the difficult aspects of life within a context. Spirituality can mean anything to anyone, it can mean believing in angels or something beyond ourselves, or it can mean seeing a tree as sacred. What it means to me is seeing the darkness inside and outside as something to learn and gain wisdom from – in doing this my mind expands and the richness of life in all it’s forms takes hold.

I can’t control what people think of me, I can only control what I express.

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