Introduction: Letting Go

I finally realise the significance of letting go. There is so much of life that we can’t control, yet we try to do so in our minds and in our actions. The question is, should we care about what we can’t control? Or should we let go of it completely? All we have are our […]

Grounded ;)

The Best Way To Ground Put your favourite dancing music on. Summon all your psychic buddies. Dance. Then when it gets too wacky, be like a sumo wrestler and jump up and down, putting all your weight into your heels. Don’t jump lightly. Land with force. Each time on your heels at the same time. […]

I’m Psychic *boring*

I’m Psychic It’s like a blade in the mind I’ve come to find that the more I hideaway and be myself, life makes sense. Chi shifts happen n that where I’m like in a proper top mood, then people literally suck it out of me in various ways. It sounds dramatic and it is, but […]

The Jesus Effect

Jesus planted the seed of an idea in humanity. Wether you consciously believe in him or not is irrelevant. He said “I am the light, I am one with the father”. He did loads of good things when he was alive but much of it we fail to understand because it’s all written by people […]

The Conscious Sun

To think of swirling gaseous clouds that somehow form into a raging ball of fire and brilliant light is quite a thought. To think of this, our Sun, as being a conscious entity is quite another thought. During this writing I wish to invite you to the new thought that our Sun is alive. When […]

Neg-Entropic Forces

It’s been a while since I have posted here. My life is full of twists and turns, but it always seems to lead me back to myself. Today I want to discuss neg-entropic forces. Is the universe infinite? Is it ever expanding? Are these two concepts the same? What is the force that causes it’s […]

Nice Guys Finish Last: A New Perspective

So I fall painfully into the category of a nice guy who never seems to pull it off with the ladies. I feel all the typical frustration that you might expect with this. Such as, I go to seemingly more effort to attract women, but don’t see any results. There are many things I could say […]